Commemorative Plaques Veendam

Mission statement of the Commemorative Plaques Veendam-Wildervank Foundation:

"To keep alive the memory of the Jewish victims of the Nazi terror by placing commemorative plaques in Veendam and Wildervank (The Netherlands)"

This website contains a list of names of those Jewish inhabitants of Veendam and Wildervank who were deported from their homes in both these towns. To select a person and his/her details from this list, click on ACCESS TO LIST OF NAMES

For a translation of the Dutch terms in the List of Names and in Details:

Translation of Dutch terms in List of Names

Achternaam    =    Last name
Voornaam    =    First name
Tsnvgsl    =    Prefix to Last name
Geboortedatum    =    Date of birth
Plaats    =    Town/City

Translation of Dutch terms in Details*
* see also above for some of the terms

Naam    =    Full Name
zoon/dochter van    =    son/daughter of
Aankomst in Westerbork    =    Arrival in Transit Camp Westerbork
Barak    =    Shed
Overlijdensdatum    =    Date of death
Overlijdensplaats    =    Place of death
Leeftijd    =    Age
Adres 1940    =    Address 1940
Huidige straat & nummer    =    Current street & number
Opmerking    =    Additional Information

For a drawing of the synagogue area in Veendam, click on: